This annual, halophile species grows from the shores of the Black Sea Coast to the colline area, on sandy, saline soils, in all Romanian provinces except Maramureș and Banat.

18.07.2013 BZ

The upper surface of leaves flat.

The "globules" on the stems (in between the leaves) are flowers, still closed.

A few flowers are in full bloom (anthesis) and better visible (see arrows).

Flowers before anthesis.

08.09.2009 TL

Most plants have fruits, though some still have flowers (upper center & left), despite the rather late season.

End of season for most species, but weather conditions in September on the northerly Romanian shores of the Black Sea are probably similar to summer conditions on the shores of the Baltic. Some Suaeda plants are still thriving, while the rest has turned to fall colors.

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