This perennial marsh species grows throughout the country, from the steppe to montane altitudes, in rivers, lakes, ponds etc.

26.07.2011 TL

The plant can grow up to 150-200 cm high. Leaves erect, with triangular transversal section. Flowers male and female capitula.

Inflorescence is branched. Male flowers located above female flowers; they open at differnt times.

Male flowers.

Male flowers (yellow) above female flowers (mainly green).

Female flowers open; male flowers not yet open.

Female flowers more clearly visible.

E+M Throughout most of Europe. Globally, it is widespread in the temperate regions of both the northern and southern hemispheres.

Interesting photos of both type of flowers, although of a different species, Sparganium eurycarpum, here. Search for "Sparganium" in page.