This species grows from the forest-steppe level up to 800(1000) m ASL, in deciduous forrests, in well lit to semi shade areas.

23.05.2010 GR

Creeping shrub 0.4-0.7 m. Compound leaves with 3-7 leaflets, dark-green & glabrous above, paler & pubescent beneath.

Flower(s) 5-8 cm in diameter, usually solitary, scented, with deep pink petals (sometimes also light-pink).

Stems with large, curved prickles, straight acicles, and glandular setae.

15.05.2012 GR

Leaflets suborbicular to ovate, coriaceous, serrate or compound serrate. Sepals lanceolate, glandular on the back and margins; at least some sepals are divided.