This rare species grows in a few spots in southeastern Dobrogea, which constitute the northernmost area of its geographical range.

Robust perennial, mostly glabrous plant, up to 2m high. Stem glaucous. Branches opposite or, towards the apex, verticillate. Leaves 2-pinnate, glabrous above, with stellate hairs below. Margins crenate-serrate. Upper leaves simple. Flowers yellow, in numerous compound umbels with 7-12 rays. Fruits obovate, compressed.

05.2012 CT   06.2016 CT

Developing plants.

Compound leaves up to 25-30 cm long (including petiole). Terminal lobe decurrent.

Inflorescence is a compound umbel with yellow flowers. Some of the flowers in this picture are not fully developed.

Fruits not fully ripened.

Dead plant from yesteryear. Fruits have been scattered.

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