This xerophyle & petrophile plant grows in the southern areas of Romania (Banat, Muntenia, S. Moldavia [GL] & Dobrogea).

Note: For FVC Onosma visianii Clem. subsp. lypskyi (Klokov) Ciocârlan, see here TPL. H. Teppner, a researcher of the genus, published an interesting paper: "Die Onosma-Arten (Boraginaceae-Lithospermeae) Rumäniens" (Stapfia 45/1996), where he mentions Onosma lypskyi Klokov.

04,05.2010-2015 CT

Biennial plant, 20-60 cm high. Stems erect, multi-branched, patent setose. Basal and lower leaves > 10 cm. All setae (stem, branches, leaves) are non-stellate. Corolla pale yellow, w/ short hairs, 1/3 longer than calyx when fully developed.

Plant in the first year.

Young plant in the second year.

Calyx and corolla.

Simple, non-stellate setae.

09.2010 CT

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