This xerophyle & petrophile species grows in western, southwestern and southern Transilvania [CJ, HD, AB, SB], eastern Oltenia [DJ, VL], and presumably in an isolated area of northeastern Muntenia [BZ].

05.2013 AB

Perennial plant, 15-40 cm high, with stellate setae on stems, leaves and calyx. Stems erect, branched at apex, puberulent. Basal leaves 20-140 cm. Calyx also with simple setae. Bracts usually shorter than calyx. Corolla yellow, puberulent, 1.5-2 X longer than calyx.

Basal leaves of 2 stems.

Corolla noticeable tapering.

Stellate-setae on both sides of leaves.

E+M  |  Central, southern and southeastern Europe. Asiatic Turkey.