This species grows from Dobrogea, including the shores of the Black Sea Coast, to the south of Moldova [VS, GL], on sandy or dry soils.

04.07.2013 CT

Spikes more lax than L. gmelinii. Spikelets with 1-2(3) flowers.

Leaves in basal rosette, present at anthesis, 20—60 cm x 5—15 cm, entire, elliptical, with long petioles, pinnately veined. Sterile branches usually absent. Photo: Young plant, not fully developed, before anthesis.

Leaves with short hairs on both surfaces.

Leaf lower surface with sparse hairs, including on mid rib.

22.07.2011 TL

Calyx infundibuliform. Flowers pale violet.

23.09.2012 CT

Large inflorescence.

Littoral and sublittoral areas; continental dry grasslands. E+M Bulgaria, (Eastern) Romania, Ukraine (K)