This species grows from the shores of the Black Sea Coast to the colline area of Southern Moldova, in steppe and wooded steppe habitats.

08.08.2009 CT  24.07.2011 TL

Woody vine. Stems slender, twining. Leaves opposite, petiolate, base deeply cordate, sagittate with subacute apex. Flowers with a corona, in many flowered umbels, colored in (white) pink and purple. Fruit a glabrous follicle, fusiform, slightly curved.

Stems woody, glabrous; cordate leaves, in opposite pairs, with 2-7 cm long petioles.

Multi-flowered umbels.

27.07.2010 CT

Leaves of decreasing ages and sizes towards the top of a growing stem.

18.09.2010 CT

Fruits - glabrous follicles.

Natural habitat destruction: The plant(s) in the top photos vanished the following year - the waves of winter storms eroded the coast.

E+M  |  FEU Southern and southeastern Europe extending up to 51° in southeastern Russia.