This species was once widespread on the shores of the Romanian Black Sea Coast, largely uninhabited until the 1950s. Today, the surface of coastal habitats unaffected by anthropic activity has been reduced by half, and the species is constantly becoming scarcer.

20.05.2011  27.07.2010 CT, TL

Perennial plant with robust, fleshy appearance. Greek "crambe" = cabbage.

Flowers white, with 4 petals, 6-10 mm long.

Leaves sinuate, irregularily lobed to pinnatifid, similar to the leaves of cabbage.

Stems and leaves robust, glabrous, glaucous.

Fruit is a silicula consisting of two segments. Upper segment globose to ovoid.

Plant with mature fruits. Fruits indehiscent and caducous.

20.09.2010 CT

End of life.

E+M  |  FEU Grows on the coasts of the Baltic, Atlantic, and Black Sea, on maritime sand or shingle.