This species grows on the shores of the Black Sea Coast. Largely impacted by the anthropic activity that reduced these types of habitats since 1950 by half, today there are only a handful of areas left where it can still be found.

02.06.2010 CT

Perennial plant, robust; undershrub with creeping woody stock and stout, erect and tomentose stems. Leaves with short petioles, elliptic, tomentose. Flowers white, solitary.

Erect, tomentose stems; tomentose leaves and sepals.

Flowers infundibuliform (funnel-shaped), solitary, white.

Flowers with five pubescent, decurrent stripes, and ovate, sometimes apiculate, sepals.

Fruit is a dehiscent capsule.

Western coast of the Black Sea: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. Caspian Sea.