This rare calciphile, xerophile and termophile species grows in stony places in the steppes of Dobrogea.

Note: Initially identified as Centaurea napulifera Rochel ex Friv. in FMR, then as Centaurea thirkei in FVC and Centaurea napulifera subsp. thirkei (Sch. Bip.) Stoj. & Acht. in FIS, the Romanian species has recently been determined to be Cyanus thirkei (Sch. Bip.) Holub. - see E+M. CRR (Centaurea napulifera) debates this species' troubled taxonomy.

04.2011, 05.2013 CT

Perennial herb with short stem. Leaves usually entire (sometimes sparsely dentate), greyish-white tomentose. Appendages decurrent, black; fimbriae 2-3 X longer than width of margin, white. Florets white. Inner florets purple.

E+M   Bu Mo Rm Tu(A E)