This species grows in stony places and grasslands in the steppes of Dobrogea, with a gap between the northern [TL] and southern [CT] areas.

Note: C. salonitana subsp. ognianofii (Urum.) Dostál mentioned as an accepted subspecies in FEU is listed as a synonym in TPL.

06.2012 CT   07.2011, 2013 CT

Perennial herb up to 80(100) cm high. Leaves pinnatisect (lower), pinnatifid (middle), entire (upper). Involucral bracts broadly ovate. Apendages fimbriate, yellowish, with 2-15(20) mm long apical spine. Florets bright yellow.

Fimbriate appendages and apical spines clearly visible in this and the next photo.

07.2013 CT

Pennatisect leaves with winged rachis.

11.2014 CT

Dried up plant.

E+M  |  From Hungary and the former Jugoslavia in the west to the East Aegean Islands (and Crete ?) in the south and Asiatic Turkey, Ukraine and Russia in the east.