This very rare, calciphile Romanian endemic   E   grows in northern Transilvania in three distinct, arguably small areas, on sunny, calcareous rocks and screes.

07.2017 HR

Perennial, herbaceous, robust plant with erect stems, 50-70 cm high.

Leaves compound, 7-12 cm, with 4-6 pairs of lanceolate (ovate) leaflets, 3-6 cm long, sparsely appressed beneath, subglabrous above.

Peduncles with short, adpressed black hairs.

Calyx red-tinged, with narrow triangular teeth, 1/3-1/4 of calyx length. Bracts 3-5 mm.

Corolla lilac. Standard oblong, rounded, with whitish, oblong stain in center.

E+M  |  FEU Romanian ENDEMIC from the Eastern and Western Carpathians of Romania.