This petrophile species grows in the steppes of Dobrogea, in two disjunct, northern and southern areas. It is the only species of its genus AND its family that grows as a native species in Romania.

Remark: The Asphodeline genus has been moved from Liliaceae to Xanthorrhoeaceae.

Perennial, glabrous plant. Leaves linear, alternate, hollow, with sheating bracts. Flowers numerous, in a single, dense raceme. Fruits are globose loculicidal dehiscent capsules.

03.2017 CT   04.2010 CT, TL

Young plant.

Inflorescence starts to develop.

05.2012 CT

Plant up to 70(90) cm high.

Yellow flowers. Perianth lobes elliptic lanceolate. Stamens unequal.

Fruiting plants.

The globose fruits contain tetraedral seeds.

10.2014 CT

Empty capsules. The articulated pedicels are clearly visible now.

E+M  |  Southern Europe from Italy eastwards; Balkan Peninsula; SE Romania (Dobrogea); Ukraine (Crimea). Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia; Turkey (A); Syria and Jordan; eastern and southern Mediterranian Sea shores.