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The Data Repository stores and displays various information regarding Romanian spontaneous plants. This data has been aggregated from a number of publications cited in the Sources section of this website. The Data Repository is centered around a plant species-placenames (S/P) pair, and includes the following categories: extended chorological information, placename availability and altitudinal zone of, and access points to placenames; species taxonomy, morphology, ecology, enedmic or relict status, availability of conserved specimens in herbariums, and european or global distribution; publications, their authors and original comments, editors et al.

Obviously, this data is available owing to the efforts of those to whom this website is dedicated.

The queries listed on this page make use of all the data existing in the FloraRO Data Repository. Since one query cannot display all available details for lack of page space, several have been devised that group the columns by topic. The output of queries can be filtered and sorted using multiple criteria, thus becoming more focused and relevant to the user.


31. Species by (Province) Query
32. Species by (Province; Region; Area) Query
33. Species by (County; Protected area) Query
34. Species by (County; Area) Query
35. Species by (County; Access point) Query
51. Counties and distances Query
54. Protected areas Query

The data should convey a detailed picture of the geographical distribution of the species, the history of their presence or subsequent lack thereof (due to the degradation and destruction of specific habitats, mainly a direct consequence of human activity), and the modern or historical sources that cite them - papers, books or the World Wide Web. As this is work in progress, and not forgetting the ammount of time and labour necessary to process further sources, the Data Repository will hopefully grow over time and include more and more sources, both modern and historical.

The goal of this project is to enable an accurate, on-line overview of the Romanian native flora and its on-site status. At the time of its publication, The Flora of Romania (FMR) was such a data collection - in printed form. Today we have the World Wide Web and instant data access using queries, so an online Data Repository should replace the very important but outdated opus. Obviously, to achieve such a goal a lot of work must be done, quite probably by a larger section of interested contributors, especially since the present data volume of FloraRO's Data Repository is likely only 3-5% of its optimal value. One can only hope that this will change for the better, just as one should hope that the conservation status and wellbeing of Romanian Nature will do the same as time goes by.

Data volumes

As of November 2016, the Data Repository of FloraRO contained a number of  21,401 species-place names pairs,  2,748 species,  3,469 plant species from the Romanian Flora,  6,869 taxon names (accepted names and synonyms),  119 sources of various types (books, papers, World Wide Web citations etc.),  3,600+ geographical locations,  3,200 place names, and a list of  1,377 protected areas.