The FloraRO web site is a non-commercial project which provides contemporary and historical information on the native flora of Romania. The project encompasses the fields of botanical taxonomy, chorology, phenology and conservation. A list of relevant Romanian botanical publications is provided. Also available is a collection of original plant photos from a variety of Romanian habitats and geographical areas, including rare and/or endemic species.

The main purpose of this project is to assist in monitoring the conservation status of the native Romanian flora. Its functionality and data structure may well constitute the pilot project for the National Romanian Botanic Information website.

The FloraRO project is dedicated to all students of the native Romanian flora, and to their efforts to study, describe, monitor and spread the knowledge about it and its conservation status - in the past, present or future.

A special mention goes to those who struggle against the ongoing destruction of Nature in present day Romania. Their efforts have sometimes safeguarded parts of our irreplaceable natural heritage. Unfortunately, Romanian Nature is continuously being affected, damaged or destroyed through the undertakings, or lack thereof, of various authorities and/or private entities.